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BattleWagon marine camera mount for FLIR M Series and Raymarine T Series
BattleWagon all around marine light closeup
BattleWagon F12, 12 inch fore leaning marine radar mount
BattleWagon A124, 12 inch aft leaning marine radar mount with 4 degree down angle

Marine Radar, Satellite TV, and Camera Mounts

If you've ever walked down the dock and noticed powdercoated radar mounts that have peeled or corroded you know what it does for the appearance of that boat. BattleWagon was created as an alternative to modular radar mounts made of powdercoated aluminum. Not only will a BattleWagon mount outlast your boat, it will be as beautiful and stunning as the day it is installed! Every mount is American grade 316L stainless steel fabricated, welded, and polished by highly skilled craftsmen. Our mounts are fully welded and do not require you to wade through a confusing multitude of top plates when ordering, nor do you have to assemble the mount itself. Simply run your wiring, install the antenna and the mount to your hardtop or arch and you are ready to hit the water! We also offer American made Perko Stealth LED navigation lights, beautiful polished hardware (not plated or tumbled), backing plates, and installation kits. The result is an absolutely magnificent, handcrafted addition to your boat that is easily installed and optimizes the performance of your expensive electronics. BattleWagon: the strength to endure and come out shining!

A124:  12" Aft Leaning Radar Dome Mount with 4 Degree Down Angle
The A124 BattleWagon Radar Tower Includes:
The Strongest Warranty In The Industry.Stunning Grade 316 Stainless Steel Polished To a Mirror Finish!Fully Welded. No Additional Top Plate To Purchase!No Extra...
DSR16C:  Dual Mount For Radar Domes & Compact Satellite TV Antenna's
Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Dual MountFabricated using American grade 316 stainless
Fully welded, no additional plates to choose and purchase
Available with Perko 2NM Stealth LED Navigation lightBacking...

Instructor at the Lincoln Electric Welding School assembling a BattleWagon radar mount and discussing the metallurgy of Grade 316L stainless steel.

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