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Satellite TV and Satcom Antenna Installation Guidelines

  • Mount your satcom antenna where it is not too high above the waterline (About 1/2 the length of your boat is sufficient).
  • The satellite antenna should be easily accessible.
  • Your antenna needs an unobstructed view of the sky for optimum performance.
  • Mount your satellite antenna so it is as near to the centerline of your boat, parallel to the waterline.
  • There should be as few obstructions as possible such as:
    • Flybridge
    • Outriggers
    • Antennas
    • Engine stacks
    • Searchlights
    • Horns
    • Masts
  • Your antenna needs a view of the sky from 15 degrees to 90 degrees.
  • Avoid mounting your antenna within 3 feet from your compass.
  • Mount your satellite antenna clear of any radar transmission beam as this will adversely affect its performance.
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