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Marine Radar Antenna Installation Guidelines and Considerations

To install a BattleWagon Mounts marine radar antenna mast, view our online installation instructions. You can also reference our PDF installation guide »

  • Mount the radar antenna as high as possible (this will provide the strongest long range performance)
  • Use this quick and easy Horizon Calculator to determine the range of your radar for your individual installation
  • The radar antenna should be mounted so it is easily accessible
  • The antenna should be well above head height
  • Your antenna should be mounted on or near the boat's centerline
  • There should be as few obstructions as possible as:
    • Flybridge
    • Outriggers
    • Antennas
    • Engine stacks
    • Searchlights
    • Horns
    • Masts
    • Satcom antennas
  • Your radar antenna mount should be at least 3 feet from your compass
  • Mount the antenna parallel to the waterline

If your boat has a planning hull (and some displacement hulls), you must consider bow rise underway when choosing your radar mount. The radar beam is approximately 25 degrees and if bow rise is not considered, you could lose visibility of close targets.

Many radar arches and hardtops have a mounting pad for radar with the appropriate down angle built in. If you were to purchase a radar mount with a down angle or a wedge to accomplish the down angle, your radar will not detect long range targets. You must identify where you wish to mount the radar and choose your radar mount carefully to ensure optimal radar performance.

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