Marine Radar Mount Gets Ultimate Test | Intellian Satellite Dish

A BattleWagon Mount Gets Put To The Ultimate Test

March 18, 2014

What exactly can you expect in terms of strength from a BattleWagon marine radar mount? We’ve always felt that the quality of our material, choice in gauge and thickness, and the skill of our welders make a BattleWagon mount the strongest on the market. We have never, however, had anything but our own models and programs upon which to base that opinion. Enter the winter of 2014 and the extreme weather experienced in much of the south and we have some anecdotal evidence. A customer in North Carolina ordered a BattleWagon mount for his new Intellian satellite dish. Before the installation was complete, a heavy snow collapsed the roof of the storage building, crushing the satellite dome and much of the bow rail of the boat. What did not crush was the BattleWagon mount that supported the dome.

Crushed Intellian Satellite Dish


Crushed Satellite TubeCrushed Battlewagon Mount According to our customer, the entire weight of the roof was on the satellite dome and ultimately on the BattleWagon radar mount.  The pedestal did not deflect at all, and both the top and bottom plates deflected minimally.  As you can see in the photo, the majority of the weight was on the back of the dome and mount.  The base plate deflected approximately .039” and the top plate deflected .101” in the back where the weight was concentrated.  The navigation light did not fare so well, but was still functional.  The aluminum radar arch actually partially crushed where the mount was installed.  The photo is a testament to the strength of the aluminum radar arch on the boat and the BattleWagon radar mount on top of that arch.  So, what does this mean to you?  It means that when you choose a BattleWagon mount, you are choosing a product that will withstand extreme stresses, the caustic marine environment, and perform precisely as intended for the long term.  In other words, you get a beautiful piece of American hardware that will outlast your boat and look good doing it. The G Forces on a 60 lbs open array being thrown by wave action are incredible.  In that scenario, the quality of materials and manufacturing of a BattleWagon radar mount are what makes the difference.  I cannot tell you the amount of pride we take in offering a unique American product and the feedback we receive from customers who receive their mount and the quality has exceeded their very high expectations.  We know there are less expensive options on the market.  We also know that a large percentage of boaters appreciate quality, longevity, and support American business.  Thank you so much for taking the time to visit BattleWagon and God Bless America!