BattleWagon FLIR M Series Thermal Camera Mount for Boats

New BattleWagon FLIR M Series Marine Camera Mount

January 2, 2014
We are pleased to introduce the absolute sleekest mount for the FLIR M Series and the Raymarine T Series thermal cameras in the world!  BattleWagon has developed a mount that includes flush mounted polished socket screws that fit your M Series perfectly.  The M6 machine screws extend into the camera body no more than 6mm, preserving your factory warranty.  All you have to add is some thread lock and you have the most unique and attractive marine thermal camera mount available!  Also included is an installation kit with polished grade 316 stainless high crown acorn nuts, 1 1/2" bolts, and a high density polyethylene backing plate for the most secure installation possible.  All mounts are fabricated from American grade 316 stainless steel, and polished and welded by American craftsman.  Unlike powder coated mounts, a BattleWagon marine camera mount will outlast your boat or yacht and will look good doing it!  BattleWagon is committed to manufacturing, hiring, and sourcing everything in the USA.  God Bless America!