New BattleWagon Mounts Website | Marine Radar Masts

Welcome To The New BattleWagon Mounts, LLC Website!

November 8, 2012

The new site provides a stronger visual representation of the quality of a BattleWagon mount along with our commitment to doing business exclusively with American suppliers and employing American craftsman!  We designed it to be easier to navigate and much more visual so you can truly see what BattleWagon is all about; creating the strongest and most attractive radar and satellite mounts in the world.  When your BattleWagon marine radar mount arrives, you will immediately see that the photographs do not do the polish and workmanship justice.  The welds are attractive, polished beautifully, and have the perfect amount of penetration to create the strongest radar mount for your boat possible.  Our welders are all graduates of the world famous Lincoln Electric Welding School in Cleveland, Ohio.  Please view the video on our home page of an instructor explaining the welding process and metallurgy of grade 316 stainless steel.  BattleWagon is also on so all visitors can view unbiased reviews of our radar mounting brackets from customers who have purchased them.  

We have maintained our use of a PayPal shopping cart so you can be confident of the security of your information as well as having a mechanism for dispute resolution.  Having said that, I must emphasize that BattleWagon has never had a quality related or warranty return.  Never!  The bottom line, is we are committed to providing the highest quality marine radar mount for your boat and the greatest customer service.   We do business the way it should be done.  With integrity, honor, and a focus on the customer.  Feel free to call us for advice on your particular application or if you need a custom mount.  You will get a live person, usually a partner,or you will receive a prompt return call.  No complicated phone menu's or outsourced customer service.

Thank you for visiting and feel free to provide us with any suggestions you might have.  We are a small business competing in a market with large, multinational corporations.  While some may see that as a disadvantage, we have the opportunity to connect with our customers in a way that large corporations do not.  


God Bless America!