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ARD: Perko Stealth 2NM All Around Light For Radar Domes

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ARD:  Perko Stealth 2NM All Around Light For Radar Domes

Low Draw, Powerful Light

Achieve 2 NM visibility with this all-round light while only drawing 1.8 watts at 12 volts DC!  This light is designed to eliminate materials that can corrode or tarnish and is rated for 50,000 hours of use which results in a maintenance free all-round light!  The light has an anti-glare shield to protect your vision running at night.  The tube is polished thick-wall grade 316 stainless tubing.  we only use Ancor marine grade primary wire and each light comes with heat shrink butt connectors.

Why BattleWagon Chose Perko Stealth LED Navigation Lights?

When you select a BattleWagon radar mount, you are choosing the highest quality, American made radar mount backed by the strongest warranty in the industry.  Perko's Stealth LED Nav light is made in America with the highest quality materials and is a handsome, stylish light that complements your boat.   The result is a beautiful BattleWagon radar mount with innovative, attractive, and dependable navigation lights that reflect the quality knowledgable Yachtsmen demand. 

Price: $174.99