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 BattleWagon FLIR M Series Mount    BattleWagon FLIR M Series Hardware Closeup

BattleWagon now produces the sleekest, most attractive mount for FLIR M Series and Raymarine T Series thermal cameras on the market.  In addition to being the only stainless mount on the market, The BattleWagon camera mount features a precision machined mounting plate that includes polished, recessed socket screws that result in a stunning installation!  Included is a complete installation kit with 1 ½” stainless bolts, polished high crown acorn nuts and a backing plate which completes the highest quality mount and installation package available!  Get the most out of your camera with an incredibly durable stainless mount.  The socket screws are just the right size to extend into the camera body no more than 6mm, preserving your factory warranty.  All you have to add is threadlock!  Your vessel is your passion and a BattleWagon marine thermal camera mount reflects the attention to detail and quality knowledgable Yachtsmen demand.

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