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Why BattleWagon?

Close Up of a BattleWagon Mount Weld BattleWagon Mounts use the highest quality materials in their construction

The simple answer is; you are investing in a radar mount for your boat that is of the highest quality and stands out in a sea of powder coated aluminum mounts. A BattleWagon radar mount or satellite antenna mount is a stunning addition to any boat. We offer the strongest warranty in the industry because we offer the highest quality product in the industry.

About BattleWagon

BattleWagon Mounts, LLC is a group of business men and boaters in Cleveland, Ohio committed to not only their passion; boating, but also to helping resurrect the American economy and embracing American craftsmen and suppliers. By providing the highest quality American made product and conducting business with a conscience, BattleWagon is committed to providing boaters a radar mount that distinguishes their boat and gives them the opportunity to help American small businesses. The idea for BattleWagon was born when we were looking at the radar mount on one of our boats and found it unappealing at best. We looked for a marine radar mount that would add to the boat's appearance, not just blend in, and were disappointed to discover very few alternatives. We had a polished stainless mount fabricated and installed. Immediately other boaters were admiring and wondering where they could buy one. A niche in the market was uncovered. Being in Cleveland where the recession has hit especially hard, we were determined to do what we could to help small businesses survive and hopefully thrive. As a result, BattleWagon only does business with American suppliers. We do not outsource anything overseas. Every BattleWagon marine radar mount or satellite antenna mount is manufactured in Cleveland where we can personally inspect every mount prior to shipment. BattleWagon does all engineering in house, including the engineering for custom mounts. We utilize sophisticated modeling programs to ensure your BattleWagon radar mount is strong enough to perform in the worst possible conditions.

BattleWagon Mounts come in a variety of sizes to match your mounting needs

Everything about a BattleWagon marine radar tower is of the highest quality, from the alloys we use (grade 316L stainless steel), to our base gasket, to our navigation light mounting method. All of our welders are graduates of the famous Lincoln Electric School of Welding, which means the highest quality welds that are polished to an amazing finish. Our base gasket is a SCE-41 PSA blended closed cell foam that resists moisture, salt water, and UV rays. Additionally, the gasket is already installed on the base of your mount, easing installation. Your BattleWagon mount with the navigation light option is grade 316 stainless steel that is .035" thick, not the extremely thin wall tubing other manufacturers use. We also attach your navigation light with 2 grade 316 stainless steel through bolts for the strongest installation possible. Most other manufacturers use pins or clips to hold their nav lights in place. Every component of a BattleWagon mount is of the highest quality and durability!

BattleWagon uses PayPal exclusively for a couple of reasons:

  1. To ensure your privacy. All PayPal transactions are secure and BattleWagon never has access to your credit card or PayPal account information.
  2. PayPal has a process in place for dispute resolution. If you do not receive your mount or if it is significantly different than presented you can file a claim with PayPal to resolve the problem. We have never had a dispute and never wish to have a dispute, but the process is there to protect you. BattleWagon is committed to providing boat radar mounts and satellite antenna mounts of the highest quality. The use of PayPal is in place to ensure you are secure and satisfied with your BattleWagon mount!
Every BattleWagon Mount is manufactured from marine grade 316 stainless steel

Our Manufacturing Process

Every BattleWagon mount is manufactured from marine grade 316 stainless steel, which offers the greatest corrosion resistance in the marine environment. All parts are laser cut and then polished to a mirror finish. Top and bottom plates are then TIG welded to the mounting pedestal by skilled craftsmen. The welds are then cleaned and polished. Once the welds are polished, the entire radar mount is given a second polishing to ensure any imperfections are eliminated. The finished mount is then inspected again by one of the management team prior to packaging and shipment. Our manufacturing process is much more labor intensive and time consuming than that of a powder coated aluminum mount. The result, however, is a marine radar mount that is truly beautiful and unique. Our customers have chosen a BattleWagon mount for their boat because of its quality, stunning appearance, and the fact that it is an American product. There are many lower cost alternatives in the marketplace, but you will not find a higher quality, more attractive radar mount for your boat. We truly appreciate your business and your visit to BattleWagon. If you have any questions, please contact us. We also encourage any and all suggestions for accessories or opportunities to improve BattleWagon mounts!

BattleWagon Mounts are designed to be used with a variety of radar and satellite TV domes.
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  • Garmin Radar Mounts
  • Lowrance Radar Mounts
  • Northstar Radar Mounts
  • Sitex Radar Mounts
  • JRC Radar Mounts
  • Koden Radar Mounts
  • Simrad Radar Mounts
  • KVH Mounts
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